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Angels and Earthbound Spirits

Angels and Earthbound Spirits

There are things that sometimes can’t be explained, like when out of the corner of your eye you swear that you saw something standing there and then you look again and there is nothing. Or you hear someone talking or walking around, but you know you’re the only one in your house. Has anything like this happened to you? 

I’ve experienced this several times in my life. It always happened when someone or one of my dogs has passed away, usually in the weeks that follow the death.   My strangest experience was when my brother-in-law passed away in hospice. I’d been awake for more than 32 hours trying to make sure my nieces and my sister-in-law (who also passed away just a few months later) were getting the rest they needed so when he crossed over, they would be strong and not suffering from lack of sleep.  So trust me when I tell you about my experience - I was a little worried it was from the lack of sleep until I talked to the nurse at hospice. This is my experience.

Trying to keep everyone’s emotions in check was extremely difficult.  Being strong was my only choice.  We all knew my brother-in-law was dying from his cancer and it was just a matter of how long it would be before God called him home. As the hours ticked by into the night, I sat at the end of the bed on a bench with my one niece sitting beside me.  She had been watching me and finally asked what I had been looking at all evening.  I was praying that no one noticed, but I guess when you see shadows and you keep looking in one area of the room, you can’t hide it from people. With everyone so stressed, I thought no one would notice me looking at this massive shadow coming in and out of the adjoining room where my sister-in-law was sleeping. I tried my best to recreate the shadow by walking by the doors in the rooms, but nothing made that same shadow. The nurses must have known I was seeing something and I told them of my experience. They looked at each other and then at me and said they would talk with me in a little while.  

While I was sitting on the bench with my niece for the next few hours, I also saw two glowing balls of light come from the corner, bounce across the room and go under my brother-in-law’s bed and then I saw the shadow come into the room and stand. Then, my niece bent down and I thought she was looking under the bed. I asked her if she “saw them too,” but she indicated she dropped something and was just picking it up. This whole time I was beginning to think I was losing it or just so tired that I was starting to see things.   As this was happening, I woke the family and told them it was time, that my brother-in-law was going to cross over.  I have no clue why I was saying that to all of them, but something inside just told me it was time.  We all gathered around his bed as he drew his last breath and, just like that, he was gone from our world carried into heaven by the Angel of Death and his parents beside him. It all happened so fast. How do I know that’s what happened?  The nurses came to me and explained that they had heard similar stories from other people when their loved ones where getting ready to cross over.  They said they believe the shadow I kept seeing was the Angel of Death waiting to take him to heaven and balls of light where his parents coming to walk with him into heaven.   They said it was a gift to have seen this and I was never afraid of what I was seeing.

I was there when my sister-in-law crossed just a few months later and I saw nothing like I did when her husband crossed over.  Why was I granted the privilege of seeing this when he passed?  I guess I will never know the answer until I walk through the pearly gates myself.   

I do believe in angels and earthbound sprits. I’ve seen and heard things I can’t explain.  I believe that energy sometimes stays earthbound because of unfinished business. I think they feel like they need to tie up all their loose ends before they go to the light of heaven. No, I’m not crazy and I don’t have psychic abilities, but my gut tells me a lot about people - the living and the ones who are about to cross over.

Rock on, people, rock on!

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