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Colder Weather Means Soup Season is Here!

Colder Weather Means Soup Season is Here!

As the colder weather starts kicking in so does my excitement for the season…SOUP SEASON!!

When I was a child, soup consisted of chicken noodle and tomato. That was it, just those two soups. Now that I am an adult, I have ventured wayyyy out of my element by adding so many vegetables, beans, pasta and meats to my base; the options are endless! Not to mention chili! Turkey chili, white chili and sausage chili.

These scrumptious meals-in-a-bowl coupled with buttered crusty bread are more than just dinner or lunch. They are comfort foods to warm us up on a cold day. They are good for our health when you add veggies. You can basically feed an entire family a healthy satisfying meal with minimal cost.

So grab your slow cookers and recipes, the season is upon us!

Image courtesy of Unsplash.

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