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February is American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month

This month is generally thought of as the month of love, but the American Heart Association urges you to think about your heart in a different way – a healthy one!

The first American Heart Month took place in 1964 after it was proclaimed a federally designated event by President Lyndon B. Johnson. At the time of its proclamation, more than half the deaths in the U.S. were caused by cardiovascular disease.

Chances are, we all know someone affected by heart disease and stroke, because about 2,300 Americans die of cardiovascular disease each day – an average of 1 death every 38 seconds! That is an astonishing number – so what are the benefits of getting more active?

Physical activity can help you:

  • lower your blood pressure 
  • boost your levels of good cholesterol
  • improve blood flow (circulation)
  • keep your weight under control
  • prevent bone loss that can lead to osteoporosis

So, get out there and take care of your heart! After all, it does more work than ANY other muscle in the body by pumping 2,000 gallons of blood per day – it deserves some TLC.

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