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K-9s Deserve Love, too!

K-9s Deserve Love, too!

Most people are saddened by the loss of a police officer, but when it’s a K-9 officer the emotions are so different. These four-legged officers go first to clear the way for their two-legged partners and put themselves in danger for them and us and never once stop to think about themselves. Why is that?  Dogs are protectors of humans. They love us unconditionally and more than likely will befriend most humans until they are shown we can’t be trusted and therefore, it is forever ingrained in the dog that humans are the enemy.

Today’s K-9 units are not like they were back in the day when dogs were first being introduced to police work. They are better trained and most of them live with their police officer partners and their families, and when they retire, they may live out the rest of their days with the families that have become so dear to their K-9 heart.

The K-9 teams do more than just ride and walk our streets in the line of duty. They are bomb sniffing, drug smuggling detectors and so much more keeping us all safe. K-9 breeds have changed, too – they are no longer just the standard German Shepherd that they had back in the day. Mixed breeds and dogs of all sizes are now used to do so many wonderful things.

So, from my pups Barley, Guinness & myself we thank you for your service for putting yourselves in harm’s way for all of us each day.

Bark on Bordas dog nation, bark on!

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