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New Orleans Tricentennial

New Orleans Tricentennial

The start of January 2018 marked the 300th Birthday of the “Crescent City” of New Orleans. My family and I are planning a return visit this summer and I can almost taste the food already. The city is titled as the birthplace of Jazz music and is home to my favorite food on the entire planet! Creole food is the traditional food New Orleans is famous for. It is often spicy but always guaranteed to be full of flavor.

Aside from spicy food there is also desserts that are as equally delicious. My personal favorite being Beignets. Having a beignet would not be complete without having also my favorite coffee a café au lait. Aside from the food, the overall spirit of the city is remarkable. The city faced severe devastation after Hurricane Katrina and yet they were still able to persevere and rebuild this beautiful city. New Orleans is so rich with history and really lives up to its name “The Big Easy.”

This year being the Tricentennial year, the city is full of activities and planning a visit will be well worth it.

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