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Ohio’s Best Kept Secret

Ohio’s Best Kept Secret

Just recently, my parents took me to one of their favorite getaways. There is a quaint little town hidden at the tip top of the Buckeye state. This place is called Geneva, Ohio, also referred to as Geneva on the Lake. This town is a hidden gem as it sits beside Lake Erie and provides magnificent views.  

The town has several different vineyards and each one is more beautiful than the last. Every vineyard we visited we ordered a flight of wine. Ordering a flight of wine is the best way to sample all the wines that the vineyard has to offer. The varieties of wine featured were vast. I typically go for a sweet wine like a Moscato or Riesling, but after experiencing so many flavors my favorites may be expanding. From this trip I discovered my new-found love of dry red wines. I tried something new called a mulled wine. It’s a wine that is served warm. I was skeptical about trying a warm wine. I’ve only had wine at room temperature or chilled, but oddly enough I found mulled wine delicious.

Not only was the wine incredible but the food was amazing. It was slightly chilly on the weekend of our visit, but we braved the cold to stroll along the shore of Lake Erie and take in the sights. There were plenty of trails and bikes for rent to explore more of what the town has to offer. After visiting I was shocked how this place was kept hidden from me for so long! A return trip is absolutely in my future.

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