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Reasons to Celebrate in February

Reasons to Celebrate in February

Once again, I find myself looking for things to celebrate. The “big” holiday is over and I am feeling like, “this can’t be it, there’s gotta be more,” so I went looking for more reasons to celebrate, and boy did I find some good ones! 

Did you know Feb. 2 shares Groundhog Day with Bubble Gum Day? Feb. 3 is Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. It gets better. Feb. 6 is National Chopsticks Day along with Lame Duck Day…really? And, of course, the big one - National Pizza Day on the 9th along with Toothache Day (because you ate too much ice cream for breakfast and now, too much pizza). Valentine’s Day shares the 14th with Ferris Wheel Day. One of my favorites comes along on the 16th - Do a Grouch a Favor Day…who knew?  President’s Day shares the 19th with National Chocolate Mint Day and Cherry Pie Day follows on the 20th. Not to leave anyone out, National Margarita Day is on the 22nd along with Walking the Dog Day, (better save the Margarita for after walking the dog). The 24th shares two more good ones - National Tortilla Chip Day and Open that Bottle Night!  And finally, bringing up the rear, is No Brainer Day on the 27th and Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday shares the 28th with National Tooth Fairy Day, (because you lost your teeth from the ice cream and pizza!!)

There is something for everyone to celebrate in February!  Enjoy!!

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