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Thank You For Making Summer Safe

Thank You For Making Summer Safe

As we move into August, and closer to the end of summer and start of the school year, we want to thank some of the people who help to make summer safe, special, and memorable for everyone.

A big thanks to instructors, coaches, and those who officiate tennis, golf, softball, baseball, swim team, and other summertime recreational sports for giving kids the opportunity to learn and improve on physical activities and for instilling in them an appreciation for teamwork and healthy competition. These are skills that benefit children in more than just a game or match, and these summer sports help keep kids healthy and active while they are out of school. Similarly, those who work at summer camps of all kinds can be thanked for keeping kids watched over and safe while parents go to work, and for helping kids learn new hobbies, make new friends, and have fun during summer months. Many older teenagers and adults who serve in these roles are giving up some of their own free time to do so, often for little or no pay, and their participation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to lifeguards and others who help keep families safe while they enjoy their favorite outdoor activities. Police officers, firemen, and community officials are especially to be thanked for the extra time and service they often provide to help organize and patrol community events such as farmers’ markets, parades, fairs, and carnivals. These individuals perform services that range from helping lost children reunite with parents, to preventing and stopping real violence, and all of these roles are important in bringing communities together for special summertime events and ensuring the safety of all who attend. Those responsible for planning and organizing such events are also to be thanked. Many spend the majority of the year planning and coordinating an event that may only be a few days long so that everyone who attends can have a great time.

A thank you is also owed to teachers and others who work to make summer school or summertime tutoring and other assistance possible for children who need it, so that they can continue to progress as needed and prepare for the next school year. This is an often overlooked summertime role, but one that is very important to many.

No matter what your contribution to the season, we are grateful to those who dedicate themselves in some way to make sure that we all, and especially children, have the enjoyable, safe summer that is looked forward to and deserved!

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