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Arbitration Run Amok

Connie Harless worked as a manager at a Wendy’s restaurant. Connie addressed an episode of sexual harassment in the workplace and reported it up the chain of command. For simply doing the right thing, she was terminated. Soon after, Connie...

Mohammed Ashraf, M.D. v. State Auto Property and Casualty Insurance Company, et al.

CERTIFIED QUESTIONS FROM THE CIRCUIT COURT OF MARION COUNTY: 1. Where there is a covered total loss by fire under a fire insurance policy, may an insurer reduce the policy’s limit of coverage for the insured premises by fifteen percent (15%) pursuant to a “vacancy” provision in the policy? Circuit Court Answer: Yes. 2. Does a fire insurance policy that includes a “pollutant clean up and removal” provision that provides that the insurer will pay the insured’s expense to extract pollutants from land or water, provide coverage in excess of the “debris removal” coverage afforded by the policy for the removal of asbestos contained in a fire-damaged or destroyed structure? Circuit Court Answer: No.



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