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Baseball Sign-ups are Here!

Baseball Sign-ups are Here!

I know it's freezing out. School has been cancelled a lot. The roads are bad and it seems like winter will never end. Don't worry, though. There is a light at the end geoffbaseball.JPGof the tunnel. It won't be long before many of us are standing in the warm sunshine watching our kids play baseball or softball. It seems hard to believe with the weather the way it is, but for many organizations in the area, sign-ups for next season are as early as this weekend. There are many great opportunities to participate for boys and girls of all ages. If you are interested, I encourage you to ask around about sign-ups in your area. Although the leagues are not ordinarily run by the schools, schools will often coordinate with the leagues when it comes to sign-ups and they can be a valuable source of information. If not, ask your friends or neighbors.ballfields.jpg

Baseball and softball provides a great opportunity for children of all ages and skill sets to be part of a team. My three oldest have all played at one level or another, from tee-ball down the street to some of the most prestigious youth-baseball tournaments in the country. This year, my youngest starts his own baseball journey. I know that after the kids grow up, looking back on those warm summer afternoons at the baseball field will be some of my fondest memories.

Consider signing up. If nothing else, it will help remind us that it won't be long before we trade all of this snow in for ice cream after the game. See you at the field.


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