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Can Anybody Find Me Some Doggie to Love?

Can Anybody Find Me Some Doggie to Love?

Barley, Guinness and Caroline would like to remind you that if you really want a true Valentine, you can have one for 365 days a year. Adopt a pet from your localvdayblog3.jpg animal shelter, and never worry about not having a Valentine again!

We hear so many humans say "I wish I had someone to love me on Valentine's Day! The girls and some of the guys at work are going to be getting flowers, cards and candy from their significant others, and I'm not going to get anything because I don't have a true vdayblog4.jpg Valentine!" Well, we would like to know why anyone feels that they need to have a loved  one just on Valentine's Day? Just think, you could have someone to love you unconditionally for the whole year, and then some.

 We (the four-leggers) may not send presents or cards, (that's because we can't order online yet) but every day when you come home from work we will be there to greet you like you have never been greeted before. We will always love youvdayblog2.jpg each and every day of the year, and not just on Valentine's Day. We are happy to see you when you come in the door, even if we or you have had a bad day. No matter what, we will be oh-so-happy to see you! You, our human friends, (and the loves of our life) make our lives complete. All we want is to do the same for you.

We, the Bordas & Bordas Dogs, would love for our shelter fur-friends to find loving fur-ever homes. Please, if you are thinking about getting a pet for yourself or for someone else, go to your local animal shelter first. The life you save might just be your very own vdayblog1.jpg pet!

Happy Valentine's Day! Bark on Bordas Dog Nation, Bark on.

(We would like to say thank you to our dog moms for helping us write this for you. High paw!)


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