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Changes to the working world in light of the Coronavirus

Changes to the working world in light of the Coronavirus

As we all know, there is little else that flashes over our screens and is discussed over news outlets than the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus has had an immediate impact on all residents of the United States and, more particularly, has disrupted normalcy in the workplace. This disruption in the workplace has led to several changes being made in the way business is conducted, especially in the legal world. For example, many state and federal courts across the country are suspending most deadlines and continuing civil jury trials scheduled to take place in the months of March and April. Moreover, hearings and other matters, if not continued or suspended, are now taking place over the phone or via web conference. Additionally, attorneys and staff are being required to work remotely from their homes, leaving them to be more dependent on email and telephone than in-person meetings or formal correspondence.

While we are all fortunate to be able to continue to be up and running and working for our clients on their legal matters during the Coronavirus pandemic, the question then arises – how will this change how we do business once the Coronavirus is no longer a threat? Will we discover that many meetings and hearings that normally take place in person or in our courtrooms be more efficiently conducted over the phone? Will we determine conducting depositions via webcam or other videoconferencing means saves us time and money we would otherwise spend traveling to these events?

Time will tell how the Coronavirus changes our means of getting work done, but, for now, we should remain grateful for the advanced technology that helps us get by in a time where physical meetings are prohibited or discouraged.


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