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Family Vacation Time

Family Vacation Time

It’s that time of year to go on vacation with your family. Sometimes it can be super awesome other times you may dread it. I have a family of five. My vacations consist of my parents and two sisters. So with having four women and one man it’s easy for the family drama to ensue. But I’m going to share with you some tips I know personally that work.

First, make vacation something the family is looking forward to. Build up excitement for the trip. Start a group chat and share fun things about the trip.

Second, assign different family members tasks for the trip. Assign one family member to make the family vacation playlist. Have another family member make t-shirts or something else fun for the family.

Third, an itinerary before the trip is a must! Making sure everyone knows the plan prior could save everyone from a family argument. Knowing the happenings before the trip will allow family members to voice concerns about plans and possibly make changes that everyone is happy with. During itinerary planning make sure to give a space for free time. Being with the family 24/7 can be too much, some time away is needed.

Lastly, just have fun. Life gets chaotic it’s not often you’re able to vacation with your entire family. If you are fortunate enough to coordinate having all of your family there just enjoy it.


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