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Having Fun Outside of the Office

Having Fun Outside of the Office

A group of us from Bordas & Bordas recently went to a Paint and Sip at Moon River Studio located at 203 South Front Street on Wheeling Island in a Victorian-style mansion.  Park in front of this stately house, walk through the gate, up onto the spacious front porch, through the door and you immediately enter 19th Century Wheeling!  That in itself creates a sensory overload!  Once inside, after a short meet and greet and refreshments, you move into the “painting room” where you put on a paint spattered apron, choose your painting easel and get down to the business of creating your own chef d'œuvre!  Some of our group had attended Paint and Sip before, but for others it was a first time experience.  We thought it would be fun to share with you each of our unique observations, reactions and thoughts about our evening at Moon River Studio.


I was very excited about doing this with the girls and creating a masterpiece.  My first impression was how wonderful this old house looked at night.  It was ablaze with light and was very welcoming.  The view of the Suspension Bridge at night was truly magnificent.  The studio has such an array of art pieces that can be created that anyone can find something that will interest them.  This was a lot of fun and the wine and food for our private party made it a wonderful evening.  I want to do this again very soon.



While my ability to paint anything other than a wall is disappointing, to say the least, when I have a great instructor and lots of friends around to support me, I don’t do half bad!  My snowman painting will be hung on my door in place of a wreath all winter!  That’s what I like about snowmen, they encompass more than just the Christmas season! 


After seeing many friends’ creations at various Paint and Sips over the past few years, I had definitely been wanting to try one out myself. I hadn’t painted since high school, so I wasn’t sure how my painting would turn out, but by watching the instructor and everyone around me, I was able to put something together that looked halfway decent! Everyone else’s paintings looked great as well, and we had a great time. And as a bonus I now have a fun, unique gift to give my mom for Christmas.


I enjoy spending time with the girls after our work day is done.  No matter what we do or how many of us get to go we always have “FUN.”  We laugh with each other and tell stories from years gone by, even as we are making new memories.  I’m so very blessed to work with a group of girls (all ages) that can get along in and outside the office.  Our Paint and Sip was just one of our awesome adventures.  Thanks for making some more great memories.  On to the next adventure!!! 


I admit when Jeanne Dedo invited me to join her and some friends for a private session at Moon River Studio, I had my doubts that I would come away from the experience with anything more than a stupid little stick figure painting and flecks of paint in my hair and clothes.  Which is the reason I began calling the evening adventure “Sip and Drip.”  My only hope for an enjoyable evening was that we did get to “sip” wine while we painted!   I was wrong.  It was fun!  And I only ended up with a little paint on my fingers!  Our instructor showed us step by step how to add color and which brush to use.  I didn’t leave with just a holiday painting I created myself, but I left with a bit of wisdom shared by our instructor that I am sure will stay with me forever:  paint what you see; not what you think.  An evening definitely worth repeating!



Moon River Studio is located in a beautiful house on Wheeling Island. Getting to see the house alone was worth the trip, but having the opportunity to paint with a group of friends really made the evening something special. It was so much fun to watch everyone’s paintings slowly develop over the course of the night, and to see how all of our personalities were truly apparent in our finished projects. I can’t wait to visit Moon River Studio again.


While I’m proud to be a part of a growing firm, I find it heartening that Bordas & Bordas has not outgrown its “home away from home” atmosphere. It’s no secret that healthy relationships in the workplace foster happiness there, and I’m thankful to work with attorneys and staff who are able to enjoy one another’s company in and out of the office. If you’ve never attended a Paint and Sip event, I say you should! Moon River Studio is a great place to engage your creative side, enjoy good company, and find your Christmas spirit.



This was my second Paint and Sip at Moon River Studio, and it did not disappoint! I had a great time with co-workers and walked away with a cute painting of a snowman I can put on display during the holiday season.  Even if you are not the most artistic, the staff at Moon River Studio makes painting beautiful pictures a breeze! 



I had the pleasure of participating in a “Paint and Sip” outing with some of my Bordas & Bordas “work family” at Moon River Studio on Wheeling Island.  The beauty and warmth of the studio was the perfect place to spend a winter evening painting, laughing and sharing with other would-be Picassos, van Goghs and Norman Rockwells!  We each had our own “station” equipped with a chair, easel, canvas and paint. With a little (ok, maybe a lot) of coaching and personal instruction, I created a snowman!  At first, I wasn’t too impressed with my talents, but oddly enough, after taking my canvas home, it became more and more awesome looking!  I’ve already made plans with my neighbor, Sheila, to return and create another masterpiece. Thank you Jeanne Dedo!


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