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Help Effectively Communicate Using Your Body Language and Eye Contact

Help Effectively Communicate Using Your Body Language and Eye Contact

At one point in our lives we’ve all have been told good body language and eye contact is important.

Why is that? Why is making sure you look someone in the eye and maintaining solid posture imperative to human beings in connecting?

Well, there are many reasons why body language and eye contact are crucial in daily interactions. Whether it is in a social or work setting, making sure you have good body language and maintaining solid eye contact can help you effectively communicate with your peers.

Your body language and posture are very important, not only for physical benefits, but also to help maintain more of a presence amongst your colleagues, family and friends. When you have good body posture it helps you be more confident and allows you to gain more attention from your peers. For instance, when a person with good posture and body language enters a room, he or she immediately gains the attention of the people in that room. Also, when you combine good posture with non-verbal cues it helps get your point across more effectively. Such movements help listeners understand the true meaning of what you are trying to articulate.

Additionally, maintaining eye contact with others is extremely important in being an effective communicator. Keeping eye contact while you are speaking, or being spoken to, helps create a connection between you and the listener (or speaker). You can use your eyes to show the person you are conversing with you are truly understanding what he or she is saying. Not only will that help you understand what the other person is expressing, it conveys to the other person he or she is in fact being heard. On the flip side, not maintaining proper eye contact may indicate you are hiding something or not being forthright. Effectively using eye contact in a conversation builds trust, and it is crucial you show your audience you are confident and trustworthy.

The list of benefits of maintaining good body language and solid eye contact is vast. The next time you engage in a conversation, whether that be at work or socially, try to keep in mind the benefits of good posture and effective eye contact. Making minor changes to your body language and keeping eye contact can help you successfully communicate with others.


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