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The Impact of Exercise on Injured Motorists

The Impact of Exercise on Injured Motorists

We are told from a young age that exercising enhances or maintains our physical fitness and overall health and wellbeing. Although these words of wisdom are repeated on a daily basis by those in the health and fitness industry, the constant repetitiveness of the saying can fall on deaf ears. However, this principle should not be forgotten, especially for those that engage in travel on a regular basis or have a daily commute. The reason for this being that when motorists are involved in an automobile accident, the most common injury that will be sustained is a whiplash type injury to the neck and back in which the muscles and ligaments are stretched due to sudden movements imposed on the body during the collision. While preventing injury completely may not be possible, motorists may improve their chances of suffering a less serious whiplash type injury by exercising. Specifically, by engaging in strength training, muscles, tendons and ligaments learn to undergo a certain amount of stress before becoming injured. Thus, when one’s muscles, tendons and ligaments are used to dealing with a certain amount of stress, the body will not become as severely injured when faced with such a sudden movement, such as whiplash, as compared to other individuals whose muscles are not trained or prepared to undergo any stress whatsoever. Although this may not always be the case, it is true that being physically fit can improve your chances of suffering from a less significant injury when involved in an automobile accident.

Likewise, engaging in exercise after being permitted to do so by your doctor after an accident may help speed one’s recovery time. For example, engaging in stretching exercises is known to keep scar tissue from forming as your body heals. Moreover, engaging in exercise is a great way to help your body deal with inflammation which ultimately may speed your recovery time.

In sum, although each accident and injury sustained is unique-it is true that by engaging in exercise on a regular basis you may help your body recover in the long-run if you are involved in an accident at any point thereafter.


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