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The Importance of Genealogy

The Importance of Genealogy

We enter this world and just begin our lives. Sometimes we do not take a moment to think about how we came to exist. Who led to the creation of you? It’s common to know about your father and mother and a slight bit about your grandparents. But how common is it to have the knowledge of who came before them? Therefore, genealogy is important. These questions should be asked: Who are my ancestors? What did they do in this world? Was it good or bad? A better future can be built by refusing to make the same mistakes or you may draw inspiration from decisions your ancestors made. If a past is explored, the present can be understood. Knowing the answers to these questions could provide a sense of identity. Knowing may also provide comfort and certainty in one’s self. You learn about the places where your forefathers lived and the cultures they belonged to. Aside from this, it could help you make better health choices. If you know high blood pressure and diabetes run in your family, you may be able to make the appropriate decisions in regard to your health.

 In the African American community, so much family history was lost. Due to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade (The transatlantic slave trade was an oceanic trade in African men, women, and children which lasted from the mid-sixteenth century until the 1860s.), Africans brought to this new country as slaves were displaced from their families and tribes. Slavery in America further continued the displacement where slaves were sold separate from their families to various plantations. From genealogy services my family was able to determine a percentage of our DNA is Nigerian (along with a mix of a whole lot of others.) But what tribe did we originate from? What customs and traditions were not passed down? The answer to those questions we are still on the quest to uncover. I encourage you to find your roots! There are plenty of genealogy services available on the internet. It can be a very enriching experience to know your origins.


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