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Memories Last Forever - Senior Yearbooks Donated at St. Clairsville High School

Memories Last Forever - Senior Yearbooks Donated at St. Clairsville High School

My daughter is a freshman at St. Clairsville High School, and she recently brought home an order form for the yearbook. I noticed on the order form that you could CSyearbook2.jpg donate a yearbook. Now this may not be a new thing, considering I haven't ordered a yearbook for 25 years (hard to believe I've been out of school that long!), but it was news to me. I didn't know you could donate a yearbook to someone else. This definitely sounded like something I wanted to do, but I needed more information. How would I know that the money I sent in to the yearbook company would actually be used to donate a yearbook to a student at St. Clairsville High School?

So I called the school and talked to Tony Ciroli, a teacher who is the liaison to the yearbook company. He was aware of the program and informed me that the  school already had a plan in place. The principal, the guidance counselor, and Mr. Ciroli would decide who csyearbookcollage2.png would get the yearbook because they knew the kids the best, who would appreciate it the most, etc., and the yearbook would definitely go to a senior since they would not have another opportunity to get one in the future.

What a great thing to do! To be able to give this gift to someone, a gift that will last a lifetime, would have such an impact. I couldn't imagine not having a yearbook. I know how much my yearbooks mean to me. I still look at them from  time to time, and my daughter enjoys looking at them too. With the help of my co-worker, Jenna Heaston, and my employer, Linda Bordas, we were able to donate three yearbooks to three lucky students at St. Clairsville High School.CSyearbookcollage.png

You can donate a yearbook too. Just contact Tony Ciroli at 740-695-1584, or contact your local school and find out if they participate in this program also. You can make a difference in a child's life.


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