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National Pet Day

National Pet Day

Many of us consider our pets like family and treat them the same (maybe even better).  National Pet Day was created in 2006 by Animal Welfare Advocate, Colleen Paige. This special day encourages us to appreciate and honor our pets, as well as promote the importance of adoption. However, it is important to remember that adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment.  It is not a decision to be made lightly, as your pet will depend solely on you for their health and well-being.  So if you are thinking about adopting a pet, please give it serious consideration first.  The following are some important questions to ask yourself before committing to adopting a pet:

  1. Can you commit (sometimes the commitment can be years)?
  2. Can you afford a pet?
  3. Have you researched the type of pet you are considering for adoption?
  4. Does the pet fit into your lifestyle?
  5. Do you have a Veterinarian selected?
  6. Do you have the room for a pet?
  7. Who will care for the pet on a daily basis?
  8. Do I have time to care for a pet?

Pets can and do bring so much unconditional love to our lives, so we owe it to them to take good care of them.  So whether you already have a pet or are considering adoption, remember to celebrate all the wonderful animals and the joy they bring into our lives. 

Happy National Pet Day!


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