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Oh, the Holidays and New Year's Resolutions: Do You Have a Plan of Action?

Oh, the Holidays and New Year's Resolutions: Do You Have a Plan of Action?

Last April, I wrote a blog titled Get Up and Get Moving. I spoke of some reasons to engage in a regular exercise program which included some of the emotional and physical beneficial payoffs.Bordas_0015.jpg

I hope many of our readers were able to utilize this in an effort to get fit and healthy in time for summer fun, but here comes my follow-up.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, all the trimmings and the ever so chilly emd christmas cookies 2.jpgweather. These are many good reasons to hibernate, become idle, and partake in overeating.

Don't let weight loss be your New Year's resolution. You can beat the odds.

The average weight gain over the holiday season is 7 to 10 pounds. Wow! That's a lot, and if you don't believe emd christmas cookies.jpgme, attach a 10 pound sack of potatoes to your back and run up a set of stairs. IT'S NOT WORTH THE EXTRA COOKIE!!! Besides, the gain over less than a 2 month period will most likely take you double the time and a lot of extra effort to shed those pounds.

Put your plan in place right now. At least minimize your chances of being the average person this Jason Causey portrait head and shoulders.jpgholiday season. Offset the chances by either cutting back on the extra goodies and/or work-out in effort to minimize winter damages.

When the weather is cold, I don't like to get outdoors as much, therefore I don't jog and the treadmill can be rather boring. So, thanks to Attorney Jason Causey and his wife Jen, I have borrowed and fell in love with the Insanity workout program to get me through the winter holidays.

This is a killer program and I may not do it as often as I should, but I certainly intend to implement some physical activity through the winter to reduce my chances of becoming the average statistic as I have very little willpower over sweets.

Therefore, as you enter your holiday season, be merry and enjoy, but take special care of yourself too; everything in moderation to be and stay fit for the holidays!emd fitness.png


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