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One Political Mess and One Real Mess: The First Bordas & Bordas Legal Review of 2014

One Political Mess and One Real Mess: The First Bordas & Bordas Legal Review of 2014

Don't miss the first episode of the Bordas & Bordas Legal Review for 2014 that deals with the political mess created for Chris Christie when it was recently learned that emails and text messages from his staff had were obtained by the New Jersey press. The emails and texts tended to show that the Governor's administration had deliberately tied up the George Washington Bridge creating traffic back-ups that were hours long, in both New York and New Jersey. Chris Regan and Jamie Bordas will dissect the scandal and the potential effect on Christie's 2016 presidential hopes.

In addition, the Legal Review will cover the breaking news in West Virginia, Friday, January 10th, of a major incident of water contamination in the Kanawha region of West Virginia. As many as nine or ten West Virginia counties are without usable water for drinking, cooking, bathing, brushing teeth, etc. as a result of a company called Freedom Industries that spilled a chemical called 4-methylcyclohexane methanol into the Elk River. Regan and Bordas will discuss the legal implications of the spill, as well as the history of industrial accidents and the attitudes toward incidents like this in West Virginia and around the country.

Click here to view the program on vimeo, or watch the embedded version if your browser supports it. View the WLUTV schedule here to watch a live-stream of WLUTV and check this page for a schedule of when the program airs.


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