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Paradise on the Hill

Paradise on the Hill

In March of this year, due to some new hiring and the need to shuffle office staffBordas_0009-thumb-300x375-26361.jpg in our Wheeling office I, together with Attorney Jay Stoneking, Marilyn Bell and Attorney Jason Causey were recently transferred to our St. Clairsville office located at 106 East Main Street. As a lifelong resident of Wheeling, West Virginia, I have always perceived St. Clairsville, with old Route 40 running through the middle of it, as a sleepy little town with very little going on. I suppose that is mainly due to the fact that Interstate 70 runs parallel to old Route 40 in this area and the Ohio Valley Mall attracts most shoppers away from the downtown area. I expected the streets to be quiet and the stores and restaurants to be empty of people.

Boy was I wrong!

Maybe it is because our office is located right across from the Belmont County Thumbnail image for Belmont County Courthouse.jpgCourthouse that the traffic whizzes by my window constantly. There never seems to be a lull. The streets are lined with "no meter" parking spaces and signs that post two hour parking only, and a very busy meter maid walks the sidewalks frequently and marks the tires of the parked cars and then two hours later revisits the same area to ticket the offenders. The parking spaces outside our office are very rarely empty. When one car pulls out another takes its place almost immediately.

With the many small businesses and restaurants that dot its Main Street I am here to shout out to our friends, clients and neighbors: St. Clairsville is alive and thriving and is definitely the pulse beat of Belmont County. Never will I mistake it as a "sleepy little town" again!



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