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Paying it Forward with Kindness

Paying it Forward with Kindness

Recently, I have become very humbled by a couple acts of kindness that I witnessed first-hand. It was a nice reminder that kindness, even among strangers, does still exist. The day before Thanksgiving I was a part of the “Rocking the Kettle” at the Mt. DeChantal Kroger for the Salvation Army. It was humbling to see how many people made it a point to give. Some even shared a quick story or two, and one particular gentleman told me how the Salvation Army provided for him and his family when he was growing up countless times and now that he is able to give back, he makes it a top priority. Acts of giving passed through in those few hours countless times… from the elderly to the very young, all walks of life. I had a very nice surprise when a very young boy and his father brought us out a hot coffee to warm us up for volunteering our time to help out. Nothing more humbling than a warm coffee and a hug from a very young kid as an act of kindness. A few days later, a gentleman paid for my order at a local drive thru. When I reached the window to pay, the employee told me the man in front of me had paid for me. On a day when I was rushing, not in the best mood and my commute to work was not going so good, it was just what I needed to turn my mood around and be reminded that the littlest acts of kindness go a very long way.

You can believe I will pay it forward and I hope those of you reading this will have your faith in kindness restored and pay it forward too!

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