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Quarantine Leads to Landscaping Benefits

Quarantine Leads to Landscaping Benefits

Because I’ve been so busy with work and kids, it’s been years since I’ve been able to put much time and effort into landscaping my yard.

Yet I’ve had time during the quarantine because we haven’t had to run around town multiple evenings a week and all day on Saturdays for our kids dance, cheer and softball games and practices. While we love giving our kids the chance to do those things, it’s been fulfilling to see additional work in the yard pay off.

We’ve been able to treat our yard for weeds and bugs; we’ve been able to spread about 100 bags of mulch; and we’ve been able to cut down damaged and troubled trees to help clear more of our yard into usable space. Also, we’ve been able to pressure wash and clean patios and decks. Even the propane supply tank got a good cleaning!

I’ve been able to till up and plant new grass in parts of the yard where it was not growing as nicely as we would have liked. Garden centers have been able to provide curbside service, which has allowed us to buy all of our flowers safely and get them in the ground and into pots much earlier than we normally would have.

All this extra work has not only been enjoyable, but healthy. I’ve actually lost weight over the quarantine because of all of the extra activity. While we would love to be out coaching and cheering on our kids, we’ve enjoyed the time at home to work on projects that would normally not have received enough attention. It’s given us the chance to sit back in the evenings and enjoy the beauty of our hard work and efforts.

What about you?  What projects have you been able to get into during your time at home?  I know we are starting new wish lists of things we want and hope to accomplish!


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