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Stuck At Home

Stuck At Home

If you’re under mandatory quarantine, self-quarantined, or just a little weary of venturing out, I’m sure a lot of you are running out of ideas to keep busy during this time. Here are a few things to help pass the time while you’re stuck at home. The standard read a book always helps time fly. I like to browse what’s featured on Oprah’s book club list. The books are always good, thought provoking and you can interact and share your views on the book with others. Another way to spend your time is movies. Watch classic movies that you have never attempted to watch. I suggest Hamilton, the film version of the Broadway musical is a must watch! A movie night is not complete unless there is food. Stay inside and order in by using Doordash and other food service apps that make ordering food from your favorite restaurant a breeze.

Once you become tired of takeout, cooking is another great way to spend your time. Now is the perfect time to contact your relatives and beg them for that secret family recipe. To avoid going out, a lot of grocery stores have delivery services or even curbside pickup. You can also try learning a new language. During the time I spent stuck in the house I attempted to learn Mandarin. It was something that I did not stick with, but it did help pass a lot of time. Try downloading a language app like Duolingo and learn another language. Right now, the world can feel like a heavy place. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Try meditation, take a moment to gather your thoughts, center yourself and focus on your breathing so you do not become overwhelmed by the world’s problems. Stay safe everyone!


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