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Tips to Avoid Driver Fatigue

Tips to Avoid Driver Fatigue

With summer approaching, many people will begin traveling for vacation. It is important to be as safe as possible while traveling on our roadways to protect yourself and your family, as well as others. Driving fatigued is driving impaired and can result in a motor vehicle collision, which can affect a person’s life in many ways. Often these types of collisions are preventable with proper planning and preparation. The following are some tips that can help reduce and/or avoid fatigue while driving:

  1. Get plenty of rest prior to driving;
  2. Don’t travel too late into your day (start soon after you wake up, as you tend to be more alert);
  3. Stop and eat light snacks and avoid sugar, which can cause you to feel sleepy;
  4. Don’t use cruise control;
  5. Keep the temperature in the car cool, if possible, or roll down the windows;
  6. Maintain good body posture;
  7. Take frequent breaks (stop and stretch);
  8. Stop at rest areas, walk around and even take a nap if needed;
  9. Travel with someone to help you stay awake and/or take turns driving;  
  10. Avoid all alcohol and medications that cause drowsiness; and
  11. Keep trips to reasonable distances.

Fatigue or drowsy driving is something we can often prevent by utilizing the tips above. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and others on the road by not driving drowsy. Being an alert and awake driver can save lives!


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