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Training Tips Wanted

Training Tips Wanted

I am hoping to run my third Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon this May. The Half Marathon is a great community event and it allows you to see Wheeling in a way Geoff Brown headshot.jpgthat will change the way you think about our city. I'll never view 29th Street hill the same way again. It's great to see our community rally around an event like that and there are many ways to participate, from the half marathon itself to the 5k to events for the kids.

I ran my first two half marathons some number of years ago, so getting in shape this time has not been all that easy. I'm a little behind given how brutal our winter was. I would have needed snowshoes to start training before a few weeks ago. I went online to search for some training tips, but ogden.jpglike a lot of other things on the Internet, there is, at the same time, too much of a certain kind of information and too little of the right kind of information. I'm not looking to win on May 24, but I do hope for a respectable performance and would like to minimize how miserable I am on the long climb up National Road above Generations at the end of the race. By the way, who decided to put that hill on mile 11? Anybody out there have some training tips for me? It's not long until the race, so I'm hoping for some good advice.


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