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Is Videoconferencing Technology Here to Stay in the Legal Profession?

Is Videoconferencing Technology Here to Stay in the Legal Profession?

The world was turned upside by COVID-19. All businesses and professions were forced to adapt to the new normal and the new ways of operating. The legal profession was no different. The legal profession was prompted to adapt to the restrictions in place, all the while still moving forward. One of the biggest adjustments the legal profession had to become accustomed to was the use of videoconferencing technology.

Videoconferencing technology, while not novel at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, was not commonplace in the legal industry. Indeed, the legal profession often required in-person proceedings. Now, all types of legal proceedings are done by videoconferencing technology, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. For instance, depositions, hearings, oral arguments and more are completed through the help of videoconferencing technology.

So the question is: is videoconferencing technology here to stay in the legal profession? The short answer is that all the signs point to yes. Although the value of in-person proceedings cannot and will not be replaced, there are many benefits for utilizing videoconferencing technology. First and foremost, videoconferencing technology fosters a safe setting during COVID-19. Second, travel costs can be minimized and provide more flexibility for all parties involved. Third, videoconferencing technology allows everyone to be comfortable in their own environment, while continuing to work to get a matter resolved. Of course, the lists of benefits of videoconferencing technology goes on and on. Understanding and becoming proficient in the use of this technology can be helpful in feeling relaxed utilizing videoconference technology.

Simply put, videoconferencing technology has changed the way the world operates, including the legal profession. Embracing the technology and utilizing it in a proper manner can help all professions to continue to work while maintaining safety. Now that the use the videoconferencing technology is likely here to stay, using the technology effectively can help move cases to resolution, minimize costs, and help maintain safety in the process.


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