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The Way Minds Work

The Way Minds Work

I was reading an article about a woman who had inner monologues with herself and then found out that other people don’t. Now she thinks there’s something wrong with her. I had to laugh because I have had inner monologues with myself all of my life. I work out problems that way. When I’m angry, that’s how I defuse. I vent to myself, and most of the time I can work my way through it and be calm once more. Of course, sometimes I have to talk it out to another person, but the majority of the time I work things out in my own head. I can’t understand how everyone doesn’t do that, I know if I didn’t, the things that would come out of my mouth would not be pretty! It just amazes me that not everyone talks to themselves. Some never do! How does that even happen? How do they exist without going insane? Are they the ones that have no filter? The questions just multiply.

Some of the people who don’t have an inner monologue, think in pictures. Granted, sometimes I see pictures in my head when I need to calm down, but I do that on purpose. Visualizing a beach scene is very calming for me. I don’t see pictures of things when I have a problem or am hungry.  It would be pretty strange to see a picture of a floating burger in my head. I have read that some people see pictures of what they want or actually see the words of what they want. I don’t do either.

I guess our inner experiences are all different and endlessly fascinating. Whether you talk to yourself or see pictures or the actual words, or don’t have anything going on in there at all, we’re all pretty great and unique. For myself, it’s talking to myself all day every day. So far, the company never gets boring because I’m always right, at least in my head.


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