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Weather Conditions that Might Make a Road More Susceptible to Collisions and Injuries

Weather Conditions that Might Make a Road More Susceptible to Collisions and Injuries

The weather slowly, but surely, is changing to the fall. The fall time does not only mean back to school and football, but also means change of weather. With the change of season approaching quickly, there are some additional considerations that you should keep in mind on the roadway. Understanding how the change from summer to fall can impact driving is paramount to ensuring you are as safe as possible behind the wheel.

For instance, during the fall, it becomes darker earlier in the day. Indeed, your visibility can be impacted and seeing obstacles and dangers on the roadway can become more difficult. Thus, you need to be very attentive behind the wheel at all times. Pedestrians can be harder to spot, especially if they are wearing darker clothing. Additionally, school is in session, and there will be children out and about. It is important, especially when going through school zones, that you are on high alert for children entering the roadway suddenly. It may be prudent to get your headlights checked prior to the change in season to make sure everything is in good working order before daylight hours become shorter.

Also, the fall time also brings an increase in fog. Obviously, fog can substantially impact your ability to see the roadway. This can lead you to driving into some dangerous situations, such as you following another motorist too closely. In order to increase your safety, consider driving at a slower pace to enable you the ability to stop quicker. Also, driving at a slower pace can increase the space between and other motorists to help you avoid following too closely. With that said, be sure to not drive at such a slow pace that other vehicles approach you rapidly and place you and other drivers on the roadway in danger.

Additionally, the weather is colder in the fall time. Although snow is most likely out of the picture for at least a couple of months, Pittsburgh weather does not cease to amaze. The roadways can become wet and slippery, which can impact your ability to handle your vehicle. Make sure to drive at a prudent pace to ensure that you can maintain full control of your vehicle at all times. You never know when you will have to come to a sudden stop or avoid an obstacle.

At the end of the day, simply understanding your surroundings is one of the best ways to stay safe as the season and weather changes. Always be attentive, and drive in a manner that can enable you to sufficiently react to the roadway conditions. Drive safely!


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