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State v. Blatt

Another Dog On Death Row: Where the owner of a dog has been acquitted of the offense of harboring a vicious dog, can the court still order the dog's destruction?
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State ex. rel. Jane Doe-1, et. al. v. Honorable Gray Silver III, Judge of the Circuit Court of Berkeley County

What is the proper role of a guardian ad litem appointed for an incarcerated party in a civil case? And who bears the cost of the guardian's services? These important issues will be addressed in a Berkeley County case involving the sexual abuse of minors.
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Browning v. Hickman

This car wreck case from Logan County presents interesting evidentiary issues, including the issue of when, and under what circumstances, a trial court can reverse an in limine ruling.
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Rich v. Simoni

In a unanimous opinion, the Supreme Court holds that agreements by lawyers to share fees with non-lawyers are contrary to public policy and, therefore, unenforceable.



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