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Two Weeks Away!

The fall term is set to begin on Monday, September 1st. Check out WVSCBlog.com for previews of the cases that matter most to busy litigators!
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When Is The Fall Term?

The Supreme Court's fall term will begin on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. Because of the pandemic, some of the cases that were scheduled in March and April were continued generally and will be rescheduled in the fall term. So far...
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The Term In Review

With the coming of the covid-19 pandemic, the Supreme Court’s work during the spring 2020 term was profoundly affected. The chief justice entered an administrative order on March, 2020 declaring a judicial emergency in all 55 of West Virginia’s counties...
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The Week of June 8, 2020

The Supreme Court has no arguments or conferences scheduled this week, but continues to work on opinions in cases that have been fully briefed, argued, and submitted. The Court will adjourn sine die next week so keep watching for end-of-the-term...
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The Week Of June 1, 2020

The Supreme Court has completed its oral arguments for the spring 2020 term. There are no events scheduled this week. We expect to see opinions released between now and June 17th, when the Court will adjourn sine die . Keep...
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The Week of May 18. 2020

This week the Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments on Tuesday and Wednesday. Because of the pandemic, the Court will be using remote technology. The arguments can still be heard by the public via the webcast. There is also...



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