Jim Bordas (1946-2019)


A trial lawyer for forty-seven years, Jim Bordas founded Bordas & Bordas with his wife Linda in 1985. Over the course of his career, Jim Bordas obtained outstanding results in virtually every area of tort law. Major verdicts and settlements in cases of product liability, medical malpractice, chemical exposure, lender liability, bad faith insurance, nursing home abuse, bad faith insurance practices, workplace injuries, and wrongful death were his calling card. Record setting awards for Jim’s clients include a $50,000,000 verdict in 2002 that remains one of the largest ever awarded against a nursing home corporation.

Jim received numerous awards and recognition for prowess in the courtroom, but was most proud of his recognition from his fellow trial lawyers, and of the extensive charitable work the firm’s success has enabled. The husband-and-wife partnership that began in 1985 is now a firm of nearly 20 lawyers, including Jim and Linda’s son, managing partner Jamie Bordas. The firm employs dozens of staff members and now has four offices in three states. Jim was instrumental not only in all aspects of the firm’s traditional practices, but also in expanding its scope to business cases, mineral rights disputes, class actions, and other complex litigation. His legacy will live on for years to come.