Dehydration & Malnutrition

Dehydration & Malnutrition

Lack of proper nutrition and proper hydration in elderly patients can lead to significant health complications. Especially in elderly people who are diabetic or hypoglycemic, failure to provide timely, proper meals can lead to coma or death.

At the law office of Bordas & Bordas, our attorneys work with investigators, nutritionists, medical professionals and nursing experts to expose malfeasance and negligence on the part of nursing homes in cases of malnutrition and dehydration. Our office reviews patient health records, feeding schedules, and nursing/staff reports in order to uncover negligent and abusive behavior that led to our client's injuries or death. When necessary, we notify the state licensing authority and Attorney General's Office so that criminal action can be taken as well.

If your family member is suffering from health complications due to improper care in a nursing home, contact nursing home negligence lawyers at Bordas & Bordas today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

When Malnutrition is the Result of Abusive, Criminal Behavior

Unfortunately, too many nursing homes have difficulty retaining qualified, dedicated employees. Consequently, staff turnover is common and proper background checks are often ignored. People with criminal backgrounds, drug problems and checkered work histories thus find their way into nursing homes as attendants, cooks - even nursing assistants.

Our attorneys look carefully into the backgrounds and qualifications of nursing home staff. We ask hard questions when persons with criminal records or questionable work histories are involved in the abuse and neglect of our client. Our attorneys also review feeding schedules and health monitoring to determine why initial symptoms of malnutrition or dehydration were ignored.

The Cost of Health Complications Due to Malnutrition or Dehydration

In order to determine the true cost of malnutrition or dehydration, we consult medical economists. Using established analyses maintained by HMOs and the insurance industry, we demand compensation for hospitalization, medication, and pain and suffering. In cases involving wrongful death, we ask for punitive damages, sending a message to the nursing home industry that inadequate health care of our nation's most vulnerable population will not be tolerated.

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Collecting evidence and interviewing key staff and eyewitnesses is crucial in nursing home neglect cases. If your loved one has suffered malnutrition or dehydration at the hands of the very people who were entrusted with their care, contact our nursing home negligence attorneys at the law office of Bordas & Bordas today.


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