Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

In its 25-year history, Bordas & Bordas has handled thousands of motor vehicle injury claims, including many cases that tragically involved death, paralysis or other major bodily injuries. Dozens of such cases have been tried to successful jury verdicts, including recent multimillion-dollar awards in cases such as Clegg v. DaimlerChrysler and Watson v. Wehr .

The lawyers of Bordas & Bordas have recovered many significant verdicts over the years, including matters such as the Bonar case in Ohio County, West Virginia. This was a soft-tissue case in which Jim Bordas recovered a verdict on behalf of Bonnie Bonar, a Wheeling police officer, in the sum of $1,125,000. Another of Jim Bordas' clients, Don Pletcher, was involved in a single-vehicle truck wreck in which he suffered soft-tissue injuries. Mr. Pletcher brought an action against the road construction company that was laying blacktop and was careless in the directions it was giving to motorists using the road near the construction site. The verdict in that case was $775,000. In yet another matter, Jim recovered $665,000 for Roger Parker in a soft-tissue case in Marshall County, West Virginia. Mr. Parker's case may have been the first significant soft-tissue verdict in the northern panhandle of West Virginia.

The Pletcher case was followed by a case on behalf of Lori Poludniak in Belmont County, Ohio. A court of common pleas jury returned $650,000 to Ms. Poludniak in what was this area's first major fibromyalgia verdict. Our firm also won a $600,000 verdict on behalf of Ron Connor, whose case was tried in the Northern District of West Virginia.

In addition to Bordas & Bordas' stellar record at trial, the firm has recovered numerous settlements on behalf of clients who were seriously injured in automobile accidents. These matters included cases such as an automobile collision resulting in a fractured wrist, which was settled in Ohio County, West Virginia. This case was brought by Jamie Bordas in 2002 and is one of many major settlements he has achieved. He was able to obtain $800,000 for his client. Hundreds of other cases have been settled short of trial for satisfactory settlements by Bordas & Bordas.

Have You Been Injured in an Auto Accident?

The actions of a careless driver can change your life forever. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, it is important to have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side.

Our lawyers have the skill and experience to handle complex car and truck accident cases involving serious injury and wrongful death. We work with experts in accident reconstruction and other fields who help us find the facts in these cases — how the accidents take place and who is at fault.

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The results in a legal case depend on a variety of factors, many of which are unique to each case. Prior results by this firm or any other do not guarantee future results. Case results presented here are illustrations of the type of work done by Bordas & Bordas and not a guarantee that any prospective case will yield any particular amount.


Contact us today to speak with a knowledgeable attorney. We offer free initial consultations and bill on a contingent fee basis — you won’t have to pay us a fee unless we collect money for you.